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Headquartered in Jonesboro, Delta Peanut is a 100% farmer owned, state-of-the art peanut shelling facility that is the first of its kind in the Mid-South. Our shelling facility is located on a 71-acre site in the Craighead County Technology Park.

The shelling facility can shell over 180,000 tons of peanuts annually when running at maximum capacity. Approximately 60,000 tons of peanuts are on-site in Jonesboro stored in three warehouses and one “surge” warehouse. Additional peanuts are stored in our partner buying points in Pocahontas and Marianna, Arkansas.

The Delta Difference


Delta Peanut growers have irrigation capabilities on a high percentage of their peanut acres. Delta’s growers are experienced in using this irrigation to maximize the yield and quality of peanuts and various other crops. This allows Delta Peanut to produce a consistent yield with high quality year after year even when the other regions or the entire country’s non-irrigated farmland experiences drought conditions.


Peanut growers are highly concentrated in the south – Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas – and the weather often impacts these growers similarly. Delta’s farmers are growing peanuts in different geographic areas of the US with differing weather patterns thus allowing for a more robust risk-management plan for customers.


Delta Peanut’s members have invested in this company to support their farming operations for generations to come. The growers have a vested interest in producing the type of peanuts that will not only make their farms profitable but produce a quality shelled product that exceeds customer expectations.

Proud to be 100% farmer owned and operated.