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Tommy Jumper, Jr. Retires

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Delta Peanut, I announce the retirement of our Chief Executive Officer, Tommy Jumper, Jr.

Tommy began his career with Dow Chemical then moved to Jimmy Sanders in escalating positions of responsibility ending as a Senior Executive and member of the Executive Management Committee. After Jimmy Sanders was sold, Tommy served at both Pinnacle Ag and Dupont until May 2018 when he began directing 100% of his time into establishing the first AR based peanut shelling company that is today Delta Peanut. As its founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tommy guided Delta Peanut from only an idea, through drafting the farmers, capital investment and construction resources needed for the formation of a new state of the art peanut shelling plant and farmer owned operating business. Today, Delta Peanut is comprised of a 180-thousand-ton peanut sheller, a seed sheller and 4 buying points (2 owned, 1 partially owned and 1strategic partner).

Recognizing the importance of this position, our Board of Directors is committed to identifying the most qualified candidate to succeed Tommy and is evaluating paths in which to proceed. Meanwhile, Jeremy Baltz, Delta member and General Manager of AgHeadquarters Peanuts buying point, has assumed the interim Chief Executive Officer responsibilities. In this interim role, Jeremy has been working with Tommy since his retirement to ensure a smooth transition of all critical responsibilities to best serve our customers, vendors, and employees.

Delta Peanut appreciates Tommy’s vision and leadership over the past 5 years and wishes him all the best as he enters a new chapter in life. Please join me in thanking Tommy for his leadership and major accomplishments at Delta Peanut and wishing him well in retirement.

Proud to be 100% farmer owned and operated.